From the boardroom to the bedroom, Seduction As A Second Language, will teach you the ABC's of Seduction so you can spend more time standing out in a crowd, instead of being a part of it.

A principled eclecticism approach, Seduction As A Second Language, uses various exercises to get your skills honed quickly.

Develop your Seduction archetype through the creation of your alter-ego. Learn how taking off "masks" can create true power and confidence.

Become a MUSE to YOURSELF. Understand how Seduction As A Second Language can open the gates to finding your true self. Drawing strength from within; you will become your own muse harnessing your natural creative powers and confidence.

These lessons are not for the faint of heart. Rather only for those willing to encompass all the layers Seduction has to offer.

With your new found techniques, you will be more persuasive, charismatic and feel more confident to make lasting impressions that matter in today's fast-paced world.

Once you get a taste of how Seduction As A Second Language can create added dimensions of excitement and variety to your life ~ You'll be craving more.

Hi, I’m Melissa Van Oss

Author of an international #1 bestselling book, Speaker, coach, relationship guru, and visionary in the sacred art of seduction.

Working with individuals over the past decade convinced me the power of seduction is real and can be learned by anyone. As a result, "Seduction As A Second Language" was born.

From the boardroom to the bedroom, seduction is a MUST-HAVE skill set for today's challenging world.

Helping people find adventure, live confidently and passionately in the moment are what gets me inspired.

The lessons crafted are done so with the intention to ENRICH, EMPOWER, and ENLIGHTEN you in the timeless art of seduction. Through this process, you will discover your inner charisma and the confidence to make lasting impressions that count more than ever in today's fast-paced competitive world.